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My name is Aistė, and I am a storyteller 


I mostly work in Film/TV, both in front and behind the camera, but I greatly enjoy teaching, so I occasionally deliver workshops and some training courses too. 


When I travel, I write articles for magazines or various posts online, and I am slowly piecing together fragments of a book - which is going to be the biggest task of my next ten years. 

I recently wrote and directed a film that was a very personal project for me, and I am happy to see how this story is travelling the world - educating, soothing, and inspiring important conversations about families impacted by mental health conditions.


There are many more powerful stories I wish to tell - keep an eye out for my progress.

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Aiste-041-Edit (1).jpg

Wondering how to pronounce AISTĖ ( /ʌɪste/ )?

Brits with a neutral accent: try ‘eye-stair’, emphasis on ‘eye’. Americans with a neutral accent: try rhyming it with meister, but drop the ‘r’. Alternatively, try pairing ‘ice’ with an Italian or Spanish for tea (tè or té). You’ve got this!​​

A few facts about me:

  • I was born and bred in Lithuania, but most of my creative education comes from the U.K. I have a BA in Journalism, Film and Media from Cardiff University, and an MA in Acting from East 15 Acting School. 

  • I have been trying out different acting techniques over the years, but my two favourites are Meisner and Chubbuck,- which I use as an actor, writer, and to some extent - whilst teaching too.  

  • I am a member of Women in Film and Television in both the UK and Lithuania. 

  • I am currently based in Bath (U.K.), with frequent visits to my other bases in Lithuania and Ireland, but when not filming or on a project that requires location - I am often on the go, geeking out and writing (I might have been inspired by Bill Murray’s ways of jet setting).

  • Like any true Lithuanian, I am a fan of THE cold pink beetroot soup, and potato dishes. I don’t think that will ever leave my system.

  • Strong, oat milk, one sugar - you? :)

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