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My writing branches out into magazine/web articles, scripts for film/TV, and my musings that don’t fit into any format other than my blog. 

Whatever the avenue - you can expect themes of mental health, mindfulness, healthy positivity, conscious and sustainable living, travel, history, philosophy and culture, as well as some geeky niche topics discovered along the way (sailor cats on warships, anyone?).

Film & TV

1_1 Acting workshops_edited_edited.jpg


Format: TV 4x45

Idea: A clash between a mother and a daughter as one is trying to save the planet and the other - her family.

Themes: climate change, family, socio political issues, motherhood, family trauma.

Language: English


Format: TV 7x30

Idea: Timid gal meets rowdy bar. Think Coyote Ugly but with all the kink and threesomes (and less male gaze).

Themes: sex, relationships, femininity, fetish, self-discovery, sensuality, modern dating.

Language: English

1_1 Acting workshops_edited_edited.jpg
1_1 Acting workshops_edited_edited.jpg


Format: Feature film, 90’

Idea: Running from an abusive relationship, she asks for her sisters help. But is she really safe here?

Themes: PTSD, violence, Lithuanian, family, thriller, false reality, ancestry, Baltic mythology.

Language: Lithuanian


Look out for my voice in print

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Alternatively, get in touch for samples of my work, or if you’d like to discuss a commission.


Topics I cover: travel, mindfulness, mental health, creativity, history, philosophy and culture.

Personal musings

Welcome to my Blog - a space for writing that doesn't fit into usual boxes. 


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