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Miss Captain

A drama therapist, who’s struggling with her femininity, is given a group of feral teenage girls to work with at a summer camp.

Type: short film (drama)
Dialogue: English

Themes: femininity, childhood trauma, abuse, rape, navy rituals, tribal rituals, masculinity, therapy, healing, anima and animus, connection, community.


Three siblings from a dysfunctional family try to reconnect as they travel to visit their mother’s grave.

Type: short film (drama)

Dialogue: Lithuanian

Themes: dysfunctional family, unconditional love, loss, grief, schizophrenia, village life, tribal rituals, violence, connection.

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There’s an old KGB bunker in this little village that’s always been a mystery - and it still brings trouble.

Type: short film (action/drama)

Dialogue: Lithuanian

Themes: small village life and its people, war history, secrets, generational trauma.

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Interested in helping me to tell these stories?

Ways you can get involved:

  • Contribute financially (come on board as an Executive Producer, donate or invest).

  • Miss Captain will be shot in Ireland - lots of help still needed for that to happen!

  • We’re looking for European post-production co-pro for Petras and Auksinė.

  • Like my style and want to collaborate? Let’s chat!

Or simply, make sure I am caffeinated enough to go through another crazy process of filming by buying me a cuppa on kofi.

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