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Notes from a Scrapbook: on Parsley, and Death ✨

Ben Folds and lightning bugs. Medicine women and cabinets of curiosities. With a bit of parsley on top.

✨ Hey you,

thanks for reading!

This week, I’m chipping away on a script for a writing competition, so I was looking through my scrapbooks for some inspiration. I am a kind of creative who soaks up life like a sponge, collecting moments, images, and sparks of inspiration as I live and explore. I log these experiences in notebooks, digital or paper, or by sending myself WhatsApp messages. Then, when I work on a story and need some flavour, I dive into that well to look for anything that might enhance my current writing. Some of those stored moments are recent, and some are decades old. I catch them, log them, and often forget them—until I stumble upon them again.

This is how it might look:



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