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Unlocking the power of daily routines: a solopreneur's guide to staying motivated!

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a towering figure in bodybuilding, acting, and politics, openly discusses his insatiable hunger for achievement and emphasizes the significance of a strong vision. For instance, in his pursuit of becoming the No.1 champion in bodybuilding, he plastered his walls with posters of renowned bodybuilders (much to his mother’s initial concern about pictures of men on his walls). After training, he’d spend hours in bed, vividly imagining himself on stage, receiving trophies alongside those he idolized. While not all of us possess Arnie’s relentless drive, and certainly not all of us can afford hours of wall-staring, we can seamlessly incorporate visualization tools into our daily routines for inspiration. From meditation to vision boards, there are so many different visualization tools, all accessible with a simple online search – a luxury Arnie didn’t have in his youth.

Finding your Rhino

I recently joined a video call with some kick-ass creatives and solopreneurs. One participant shared her struggle in staying motivated to complete an e-book she was once deeply passionate about. Despite repeatedly returning to it, she faced a persistent lack of motivation. The group collectively offered support and possible solutions, but then a question emerged: ‘Why did you want to write it? What made you start?’ Her face lit up as she shared her profound passion for rhinos, delving into their dire situation nearing extinction. The book aimed to educate, inspire, and contribute to saving these beautiful creatures. I proposed a simple yet impactful idea – spend time with the rhinos daily, reconnect with the cause, and promise them to do your best to finish the book. We all witnessed it – something clicked. It was that simple.

When people have children, they find solutions and motivation despite challenges because they deeply care about their children. What if our projects are like our children, carrying significant importance, especially when they have the potential to do good in the world? The key lies in reminding ourselves of those causes, making promises, and striving to deliver. When a goal transforms into a mission, nothing can stop you. So find your rhino, make those promises daily, and witness the powerful energy that unfolds!


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